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Most organisations are unaware of the vulnerabilities they are facing and unprepared for any cyber incidents, especially when there is an increase in connectivity to the internet, remote connectivity to organisation network and outsourcing of organisational functions to service provider.

What are the benefits

We support your organisation from boardroom to back office operations, to pragmatically secure your assets. First identifying these assets is paramount to efficiently and effectively mobilising the correct resources to protect them. As such, Pragma helps assess your existing capabilities and cyber security maturity, enabling you to prioritise your investment.

  • Cyber security strategy and roadmap development aligned to your wider business strategy
  • Cyber security diagnostic and maturity assessment services
  • Threat assessment and modelling
  • Privacy and cyber security legal assessment

How we do it

Cyber Security Consulting
The initial step for cyber security starts from here, where we provide cyber security diagnostic, threat assessment and cyber security roadmap that is aligned to your organisational strategy.

ISO 27001 Consultancy Services 
Cybersecurity has now become a top priority for many organisations worldwide. It is essential for modern organisations to bring information security under management control and gain competitive advantage through a best practice framework such as ISO 27001. At Pragma, our specialist consultants help organisations implement ISO 27001 efficiently towards certification. Learn more. 

CISO as a Service
Our experienced co-founders will act as a CISO for your organisation. We are able to build and lead a security team for you or offer knowledge leadership and advice to the board if you are not ready to commit to hiring a full time CISO.

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AML, CFT and KYC Compliance
Pragma’s Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Combatting the Financing of Terrorism (CFT), Know-Your-Customer (KYC) compliance services are built to ensure compliance with the changing regulatory requirements applicable to heavily regulated industries such as Financial Institutions across Asia and Europe.

Privacy Protection
We are able to conduct assessments and help your organisation achieve the level of compliancy with local and international data protection regulations such as Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Cyber Security Assessment
A cyber security assessment gives you an overview of your organisation’s current security posture. Before planning and implementing a cyber security strategy, we advise our clients to perform a cyber security assessment to understand areas for improvement, check for vulnerabilities and recommend strategies for a solid defence against cyber attacks.

Our Proactive 5 Step Assessment Process:

  1. Perform Gap analysis using special methodologies (identifies deficiencies in security controls)
  2. Describe risks that may affect your operational activities
  3. Determine probability of each risk occurring
  4. Bench marking risks
  5. Provide cyber security strategy roadmap
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Cyber Security Testing
Take one step ahead of attackers. Performing security tests on your systems and web/mobile applications enables us to discover vulnerabilities in a real life scenario. We utilise renowned security testing tools and companies such as Tenable and HP Fortify to run penetration tests, vulnerability tests and code testing to increase your defences by simulating attacks and identifying flaws.

  • Beyond Tools –We don’t just rely on testing tools, we review data and discover vulnerabilities with a “hacker mindset”
  • In Your Business Context – A report tailored to your business with findings and recommendations explained in plain English designed to share with non-technical management
  • Applying Improvements – We learn your organisation’s process weaknesses and build them into our tests each time to work on an improved control environment, hence reducing likelihood of a breach
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