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Cyber Range
Cyber Security Forum

Your first line of defence should start from within the organisation. Even the most robust controls, processes and policies cannot guarantee against malicious or negligent staff behaviour.

Organisations should invest in educating employees on cyber security as the simplest awareness may help your organisation prevent future cyber security breaches.

What You Get

We help your organisation create a well-informed and supported workforce to be prepared for a cyber breach. Using reliable, engaging and well structured resources and tools, we empower your employees with cyber security knowledge to easily identify and respond to potential threats.

  • Pragma Training Certificate
  • Cyber security learning materials, tools and simulated cyber breach
  • Overview of cyber security, types of threats, compliance and regulations

How we do it

Cyber Security Training
We pair the best learning aids available with our expert knowledge to enhance the learning experience for your employees. We are able to work with your organisation to organise trainings of varying levels and scale.

Cyber Range
A virtual cyber defence environment designed to train key decision makers in securing organisation networks against cyber breaches.

A set of best practices for internalising security in the development and testing lifecycle.

Cyber Security Forum
We organize forums to share knowledge, insights and experience in cyber security.

How can we work together?

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