Hugo Fournier

Threat Hunter | Cyber Strategist


“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”
—Sir Winston Churchill.

About Hugo Fournier

Starting with the game genie, IRC, eggdrops, xdccs, warez groups, legit top sites, botnets and hacker friends from Canada, US and France my teenage years were spent between IT, classes and underground groups.

Entering the corporate world in global professional firms (Deloitte and PwC) at a young age, from black hat to white hat, in the last 12+ years I gained experience and continue to deepen my knowledge of IT security, international regulations, compliance, frameworks, and standards. I have been fortunate to assess the security in different industries across small startups, medium enterprises to mega-cap international institutions.

Gaining experience exponentially, I found myself leading teams of young professionals and helping companies in Canada, Myanmar, and Singapore. I have been thrilled over the years to see how hacking techniques are changing and how to secure/break a multitude of key systems, related processes and architecture from; police criminal databases, backend mainframes storing bank accounts, online banking/retail portals, PKI, insurance policy systems, cell phone billing/plans systems, pre-paid cards, public transport systems, and networked systems used by hydro-electric producer.

Recently I have focused on securing applications and systems developed in the Cloud.

Joining the great team at Pragma I am excited to use my background and professional knowledge for clients and cloud security product development.

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