A Trusted Cloud Security Partner from Startup to Global Business


When a new FinTech startup launched several years ago, they turned to Pragma to secure their applications . Like many startups, their focus was on their primary innovation, a world-class wealth management platform. They needed a partner to bolster their cloud security and meet compliance. Now, just a few years later, that FinTech company has offices on three different continents and building platforms for some of the biggest financial institutions in the world. They still use Pragma’s managed security services and view Pragma as a trusted partner.

Cybersecurity Expertise – Pragma has protected their assets from 1300+ monthly assaults. There have been ZERO successful cyber-attacks

Enhanced Performance – CloudControl by Pragma has given them an edge in performance with a customised AWS platform

Global Compliance – Pragma’s expertise enabled compliance with 440+ regulatory controls for government compliance

The problem we needed to solve was to show our clients that we had the right level of security and also show that with an audited report Pragma could provide… Pragma did that by coming to us, showing the security processes that we need to put in place, they put those in place for us, and did the reports so we could provide them to the clients.

The Challenge

Opening new markets for growth meant this client needed to meet increasingly strict regulations . Specific challenges included:

These challenges demanded a solution that could deliver faster results without overspending or loss of compliance.
  • Stringent checks to achieve Regulated Investment Advisor Status by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
  • Compliance with more than 440 consumer control checks to meet government regulations in the USA and Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).
  • Implementation that could have required more than 12 months of effort and 4-5 additional staff to manage the infrastructure.

The Solution


CloudControl’s combination of compliance platform and direct consultant support continues to provide security, compliance, and assurance. The auditing and reporting included with CloudControl gave the client the data and reports to demonstrate its compliance to government regulations.

CloudControlbenefitted the client by providing continuous monitoring of their operations. Automated monitoring and reporting reduced the load on the IT team. Security measures were constantly reviewed, tweaked, and updated to ensure total protection.

Costs were kept in check by two different approaches. First, Pragma’s approach reduced their cost by 2% compared to normal prices. Second, Pragma gave the client access to CloudCheckr. This powerful tool analyses usage to optimise billing. Resources are allocated according to data. The results are big cost savings and performance increases.

Key Benefits

24/7 Access to consultant support for issue resolution

Audits and reports demonstrate compliance for inspectors

Reserved instance planning and expert security architecture advice

Daily maintenance and system overwatch review

Recurring security risk analysis and installation of updates

Periodic security, administrative, and privacy audits


Secure from the Beginning

From day one, Pragma has kept data, systems, and resources secure for their client. The systems of this global organisation are faced with a barrage of 1300+ attacks every month. To this day, there have been no successful cyber-attacks.

Through proactive support and continuous monitoring, CloudControl by Pragma has given this client the ability to grow their business and focus on expansion without worrying about security.

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