Rapid Cloud Recovery Saves $10,000 a Day


A leading winter sports apparel company turned to Pragma for help when they were repeatedly victimised by a security breach. Insurers were becoming increasingly worried about the risks created by repeat attacks. Instead of shutting down the website, Pragma provided a better solution. In less than 48 hours, we migrated their entire online retail operation to our secure CloudControl platform. $10,000 a day in sales were rescued .

Instant Security – CloudControl by Pragma secured their operations in less than 48 hours. 7800+ attacks per month have been detected and defeated.

Efficient Cost Control – Pragma allowed access to CloudCheckr to provide real-time adjustment of cloud usage. Cost savings of up to 34% achieved to date.

Specific Solutions – The specific vulnerability and affected accounts were identified. Accurate information allowed a focused response

TWe did not know securing and bringing our business back was possible so quickly.” – CEO of Winter Sports Apparel Company.

The Challenge

From Repeat Victim to Trusted Retailer

Hackers targeted this organisation repeatedly. The insurers providing coverage to the client identified more than one attack and were on the verge of withdrawing coverage. $10,000 of daily sales could have been lost.
An obscure piece of code was being exploited by the attackers. This tiny vulnerability was being used to collect customer data for export to a foreign country. Normal security scans would not have detected this attack.
Security and cost were the top priorities for this client. They needed much better security and they wanted to avoid severe IT overspend. Pragma delivered on both priorities using CloudControl and CloudCheckr.

The Solution


When the call came, Pragma was quick to provide a solution. Within 24 hours of receiving the request for help, Pragma’s team migrated all the client’s retail operations to CloudControl. CloudControl is a secure platform run on Amazon Web Services (AWS) with advanced security tools and managed by security experts.

Better Control Over Security and Costs

CloudControl’s daily maintenance and systems overwatch gave our client the security they needed to continue operations. Proactive security and vulnerability assessments eliminated threats before they became problems. Audits and accurate reports gave our client the ability to demonstrate their increased security to insurers.

Pragma enabled CloudCheckr on the client’s CloudControl platform. CloudCheckr runs 500 Best Practice Checks to ensure services are running optimally. Reserved Instances were planned with 180 days of historical data and detailed comparison of purchase options. A usage heatmap with actionable insights created cost saving opportunities by allowing resource purchases to meet specific increases and decreases in predicted usage.

Key Benefits

CloudControl security blocks 7800+ attacks per month

Continual usage monitoring provides 34% of cost savings


24/7 support builds confidence for continued operations

Insight into specific vulnerabilities enabled a targeted response


The immediate result of Pragma’s intervention was the continuity of the business. Online sales were able to continue because the website and sales network were secured and recovered to the cloud quickly. Once the specific attack vector was identified, quarantined, and nullified, communications with customers could proceed. Audits verified by 3rd party inspectors provided the insurance company with the comfort it needed to continue to provide cover to the client. Continued security monitoring and managed security audits have kept the organisation secure from threats.

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