5 Cyber Security News in 5 Minutes – October 2018

  1. Apple Launches Website For Customers To Track Data

With concerns surrounding personal data and privacy lately, Apple has launched a website that allows customers to search and see what kind of data the company has stored about them. Data such as photos, reminders, calendar entries, website bookmarks, support history, App Store purchases and more will be available for customers to search and then generate into a report. By doing so, Apple hopes to identify itself as a hardware company rather than using customers’ data for targeted ads. To support its initiative, Apple has also launched other privacy related functions in its new operating system for iPhones and iPads.

  1. Cathay Pacific Airways Data Breach Affected

The Hong Kong flagship carrier announced it was hit by data breach later this month although the attack was discovered in early March 2018. The attack was described as one of the largest scale in Hong Kong, affecting personal data belonging to 9.4 million customers. The airline may now need to face its first collective legal charges as 200 customers intend to make claims over the breach. Read more here.

  1. SingPass launches a more secure and convenient app

Following the latest SingHealth hack, the government is tightening its security to protect personal data with a application for SingPass users. The new app enables users to log in using their fingerprint, facial recognition or six digit passcode. Developed by GovTech, this new app has enhanced security features that will protect personal data from breaches or malicious mobile software.

  1. EU launched campaign to raise awareness on fraud and data theft

As part of the European Cyber Security Month (ECMS), Europol and European Banking Federation launched a campaign to raise awareness on financial fraud and data theft. Countries in the EU will work together with banking associations to warn public on the dangers of cyber scams. According to UK’s Payment System Regulator, there were 43, 875 cases of Authorised Push Payment scams last year.

  1. Facebook breach revealed 30 million affected

After Facebook announced in late September 2018 about its largest security breach yet, the company has finally revealed the real number of users affected – 30 million, not 50 million as initially expected. Out of 30 million, 14 million had their detailed personal information such as birth dates, employers, religious preference, education, pages followed, recent searches and location check ins taken. 15 million only had their names and contact details stolen whereas the remaining 1 million did not lose any information although their accounts were affected. The other Facebook applications such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram and its third-party payment applications were not affected. Read more here

Written by: Liwen


October 31, 2018

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