Manish Chawda en ISC 2020

Internet Security Conference (ISC) 2020 Virtual Panel Discussion : Facing Security Risks and Privacy Protection in AI Era

Join our co-founder, Manish Chawda at the Internet Security Conference China 2020 in a panel discussion on security risks in the age of AI.

“In the era of digital economy, the capabilities demonstrated by artificial intelligence technology are not only manifested in image recognition, face recognition, biometric recognition and video recognition, which are well known technologies that cannot be separated from applications. It also has a very wide application prospect in finding and preventing hacker intrusion, preventing malicious execution, improving safe operation efficiency, quantifying risks, threat identification of encrypted traffic and advanced persistent threat identification, detection of malicious mobile applications, etc. The purpose of this dialogue is to communicate what new security risks and privacy challenges will exist in the AI era and how new technologies can help us improve our security protection.”

Watch the on-demand recording here:


August 26, 2020

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