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Some of the most interesting cybersecurity articles of 2018

We are just a few days away from the end of 2018. What better way to end the year, than look back at some of the top cyber security news this year? When we say top, we do not necessarily mean news that make the headlines, but rather news that intrigued or stirred a conversation over a workday lunch.

We found this article by Motherboard interesting, inspired by Bloomberg Businessweek Jealousy List. As the name suggests, it showcases some of their favourite stories and news published by their competitors. In Motherboard’s version, they have compiled their version of favourite cybersecurity news. Here are some highlights:

1. Iranians compromised CIA’s highly sensitive communications system

More than two dozen people were killed in China as a result of the breach in the CIA’s communications system, which was believed to be originated from Iran, when hackers broke into the system in 2009. The news was reported by Yahoo here.

2. Company selling $30,000 Graykey tool to unlock iPhones

In March, an American startup apparently run by U.S. intelligence agency contractors and an ex-Apple security engineer started selling a tool that unlocks iPhones, called Graykey. In October however, Forbes has published another news titled “Apple Just Killed The ‘GrayKey’ iPhone Passcode Hack’, indicating Apple has beat Graykey to unlocking their phones.

3. Thermostats, Locks and Lights: Digital Tools of Domestic Abuse

In this article by The New York Times, domestic abuse cases are linked to the use of internet-connected home devices (smart home technology) such as locks, speakers, lights, cameras and so on. These devices are now found to be used for harassment, monitoring and control of the victims.

4.  A Quebecer spoke out against the Saudis – then learned he had spyware on his iPhone

Abdul Aziz moved to Canada from Saudi Arabia in 2009 to study in McGill University. He believed that his phone was planted with a spyware by his government when he accidentally clicked on an e-commerce tracking sms link. Reason? He became vocal about his government’s repressive tactics and human rights record in social media and eventually got his scholarship revoked.  News source: CBC

5. The Untold Story of Notpetya, the Most Devastating Cyber Attack in History

Andy Greenberg from Wired went into detail about this malware that made world headlines and also global damages in billions of dollars. The article documented behind the scenes of shipping companies when the malware attacked their systems and how companies spent hours and days restoring the damages. Full article here.

For the full list of favourites, go over to the original Mothership article here.


Written by: Liwen


December 28, 2018

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