Disaster Recover Planning
Root Cause Analysis
After a cyber breach, organisations are left with many questions and decisions; why the breach occurred, can the organisation still operate, are clients affected, scale of damage and if there will be a recurrence.

What are the benefits

Our aim is to help your organisation restore affected systems effectively and safely as soon as possible while observing for any suspicious activities that may signal a recurrence of a cyber breach. We analyse data, information and intelligence about the adversaries from a variety of sources and methods, providing you with comprehensive information so you can always be one step ahead of the adversaries.

  • Detailed incident analysis to understand how the cyber breach was performed
  • Trace the cause of the cyber breach and elimination of root cause
  • Mid to long term cyber security planning to prevent recurrence

How we do it

Disaster Recovery Planning
Our experienced team can help you design appropriate measures to ensure your organisation is still operational after a disaster. We can help with high availability solutions and policies and procedure to meet compliance requirements.

Root Cause Analysis
We map out the underlying cause of the problem by defining the problem, analysing and implementing steps to prevent future cyber breaches.

How can we work together?

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