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Forensics and Investigations
Security Monitoring & Analytics
In the event of a cyber breach, most organisations do not have the proper response procedures in place. It only takes a very short amount of time for an attacker to compromise an entire organisation, but can an organisation respond quick enough to rescue the loss of important assets, avoid operational interruption and reputation damage?

What are the benefits

We have witnessed and helped many organisations overcome cyber breaches and have the experience, proper procedures and skills to contain the threat, run investigation and work with external parties to reduce the impact of the breach.

  • Prevent loss of critical data and assets
  • Prevent recurrence of security breaches
  • Resume operations swiftly
  • Focus on your core organisational functions

How we do it

Cyber Incident Response Team (CIRT)
Our goal is to ensure your organisation recovers from a cyber attack with minimal disruption to daily operations. When a cyber attack occurs, such as malware infection, DDoS attacks and ransomware, our certified team will work with your internal team and external parties to contain the threat and restore affected systems. If you think your organisation has been hit with a cyber attack, please contact us via [email protected] or contact us.

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Forensics and Investigation
Our team is able to help prepare and investigate in a fraud examination by working with legal elements, gather evidences and manage paper and electronic documents. When necessary, we conduct interviews with witnesses and suspects for evidential purposes.

Security Monitoring & Analytics (Alienvault)
This is a proactive approach to uncover abnormal activity by using machine-learning and behavioural analytics. New threat intelligence are discovered and updated frequently to protect your organisation from new cyber breaches.

A process of recovering, reviewing, collecting and exchanging information in electronic formats that will be used as evidence in a cyber incident case.

How can we work together?

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