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“”ポカヨケ: Fool-Proof, Fail-safe design.”
– Shingō Shigeo

About Sam

I graduated from Tokyo Denki University with a degree in Mechanical (Precision Machinery) Engineering.
I got acquainted with GNU/Linux and other desktop operating systems after an unfortunate hard disk crash when I first arrived in Japan in 2013. Unable to afford data recovery prices, I attempted to and succeeded in recovering my data with the aid of a GNU/Linux OS and TestDisk / PhotoRec, two tools that I still rely on rather often. Being known as IT-savvy, friends and family began to ask me for solutions to their IT problems, ranging from malware removal, data recovery, networking and one particularly memorable case of photo forensics. What I learnt out of pure neccessity grew into a passion, and I feel extremely lucky to be able to do what I love as my career.

As part of the forensics and investigation team at Pragma, I assist in finding out how breaches in systems occur and how to stop them. Pragma is a place where people freely share their knowledge and experience, and I am constantly learning from the senior members of my team who are brilliant investigators and mentors.

At Pragma, I hope to incorporate the Japanese philosophy of Fool-proof and Fail-safe design into the solutions we provide our clients.

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