Vulnerability Assessment
Penetration Testing
Source Code Review

Proactive Testing

The increase in the number and types of attacks have driven regulators to mandate security audits in various key sectors. In addition, there is a need for organisations to constantly monitor and verify their exposure to cyber risks through proactive and regular security testing.

With a proactive approach, the idea is to prevent incidents from taking place, anticipate potential risks and fix them before they can be exploited.

What You Get

Pragma’s security testing services go beyond powerful tools. Our CREST certified experts have the experience and technical knowledge to perform in depth security testing while providing a cost-effective option for organisations. Our aim is to help your organisation achieve the highest level of security through tailored recommendations.

How we do it

CREST Vulnerability Assessment
Performed by certified professionals using leading technology to identify technical security vulnerabilities in your system. Learn more.

CREST Penetration Testing
Discover security weaknesses in your organisation’s information systems through in-depth testing followed by efficient remediation. Learn more.

Source Code Review
Discover design flaws, insecure coding practices, injection flaws, cross site scripting flaws, weak cryptography and other hidden vulnerabilities in the program code.

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